Bad Friends

David & Ian talk to each other about things.

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Episode 8 - Tween Tweets - (31:08) 71.26 MB
David and Ian talk about the Met Gala, Edward Scissorhands, and 90s nostalgia.

Episode 7 - I Don't Call Myself a Renaissance Man, Okay? (w/ Helen Shope) - (37:55) 86.8 MB
David, Ian, and special guest Helen Shope talk about ice cream, water polo, and TLC.

Episode 6 - Lindsay, They Don't Have Baja Blast - (27:47) 63.61 MB
David and Ian talk about Roller Coaster Tycoon, write a letter to Viggo Mortensen, and act out a scene between Lindsay Lohan and Dennis Quaid.

Episode 5 - Lord of the Rings Theme Park (Road Trip Edition) - (37:20) 17.09 MB
David and Ian discuss slumber parties, CSU Bakersfield, and Jar Jar Binks in this special road trip episode.

Episode 4 - Dramatic Boobs (w/ Shaun Parker) - (47:47) 21.88 MB
David, Ian, and special guest Shaun Parker discuss pubes, Metallica, and frosted tips.

Episode 3 - We Left J-Tarr at the Club (w/ Lia Verzatt) - (35:09) 32.18 MB
David, Ian, and special guest Lia Verzatt discuss bullying, cocaine, and HBO.

Episode 2 - Kids' Choice Awards 2013 (w/ Sammy Morris) - (1:05:01) 29.77 MB
David and special guest Sammy Morris discuss the nominees and winners of this year's Kids' Choice Awards while enjoying beverages and Monkey Bread.

Episode 1 - Jesus Would Pay for My Sins and My Meal - (31:20) 14.35 MB
David and Ian introduce themselves, take a MySpace survey, talk about high school, and pitch some movies.